Twin Cities Paranormal Research & Investigation

 Twin Cities Paranormal Research & Investigation

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Meet The Team:



Director & Founder:

Cory Miller

Email:  [email protected]

Cory is an Army/OIF 06-07 Veteran, proud father and Paranormal Researcher. He has been a paranormal enthusiast for well over 11 years, and has now been researching & investigating the other-side for 6 years. Past experiences of his own have led him to create Twin Cities Paranormal Research & Investigation to not only find answers for himself, but to help others in need of answers to the unexplained. TCPRI is willing to do anything it takes to help people plagued by paranormal activity, or if anything out of the ordinary becomes to extraordinary don't hesitate to contact us. We have also branched out into designing and building our own TCPRI Innovations paranormal research equipment. For any Inquiries about an investigation, paranormal equipment sales, or becoming a member of the TCPRI Innovations Crew the best way to contact is by Email. We are constantly checking our inbox and our Website. 

"Reality is determined not by what scientists or anyone else says or believes, but by what the evidence reveals to us." - Anonymous 



Jay Blexrud

My name is Jay I'm 29 years old from New Brighton, Minnesota I have 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl and a wife who supports me 100% I am an animal lover and enjoy the outdoors and fishing. I have been passionate about the paranormal ever since I was 8 years old, and
experienced the unexplainable for the first time. Ever since, I have tried to communicate with the other side anyway possible. My mission is to show the non believers that the spirits of our loved ones and not so loved are REAL and may be trying to talk to us if we are willing to listen.


Brennen Hanson

TCPRI Founder Cory's brother turned Paranormal Enthusiast & Investigator in training. He has now been on multiple Investigations with the TCPRI Innovations Team, including our 4th Investigation at the historic Banfill-Locke House in Fridley MN. Brennen has been learning on the fly on investigations and has turned into a great asset to the TCPRI team. Being with TCPRI for over a year now, & having investigated the Villisca Ax Murder House, Brennen has proved himself to be quite the investigator. He has truly learned what it takes to be a good paranormal investigator without always jumping to the 'Paranormal' conclusion...An open mind, body, and a strong sense for trying to 'De-bunk' & look for any possible logical explanation while investigating.


Historical Researcher/Human and Spiritual Patterns Investigator:

Scott Schumacher

My name is Scott, I'm 45 years old, living in Blaine, MN with my partner of 10+ years, and our dog, Junebug.  I've had a multitude of psychic and paranormal experiences since the time I was 5 years old and was struck by lightning on Christmas Eve during a rare winter storm. I believe that supernatural and paranormal experiences, clairvoyance, and visitations by ancestors and angels, both in dreams and the waking world, are real and common experiences. My passion is investigating ancestral and family histories, historical imprints on buildings and land, human patterns, and subtle intuitive interactions between humans and the spirit realm.  I'm a Certified Angel Card Reader, a former suicide crisis-line volunteer, a web designer, and energy healing practitioner.


-1 Sony Handycam HDR-SR11

-1 Phantom Lite LLC. Full Spectrum Cam 1080p

-2 Sony SDR-SR42 Static Night Vision Handycams with Wide angle HD lenses

IR Lighting:

-1 Phantom Lite LLC IR pro

-1 Colorado Paratech Ghost light 2

-2 48 LED IR Flood lights

-3 36 LED IR flood lights

Digital Recorders:

-1 Olympus 701pc With noise cancelling Mic

-1 Olympus WS 801-pc

-2 RCA VR-5220

-1 Zoom Q2 HD

EVP Devices: 

-1 P-SB7 Spirit box

-1 P-SB11 Dual Sweep Spirit Box

-1 Raudive Diode EVP Receiver 

Electromagnetic Energy Detectors:

-1 MEL Meter 8704-REM: With temp sensor & Radiating EMF antenna

-2 K-2 EMF detectors

ITC Devices:

- Ovilus 4 Device: 

The Ovilus 4 is a major step forward in ITC Devices designed for paranormal research. ITC  “Instrumental Trans Communication” is a term used to describe devices that use an electronic or mechanical means to allow spirit communication. For the first time with Real Human Voices. Full Color Touch Screen.  The Ovilus 4 converts environmental readings into voice.

Other Investigation Devices:

-2 IR motion detectors

-1 TCPRI Innovations custom built Touch sensor.

TCPRI Innovations Custom Built Paranormal Gear:

-2 TCPRI Innovations Static Energy Pods

-1 TCPRI Innovations Electromagnetic Interference Detector

Electromagnetic Energy Pumps:

-1 Generation 1 TCPRI Innovations EMF pump

-1 Gen 3 TCPRI Innovations EMF pump

Camera Light Bars:

-1 Phantom Cam Light bar W/ Dual adjustable mini-Tripods

-2 Zeikos Dual Light L-shaped Light bars

Protection from unwelcome entities:

-2 Blessed St. Benedict Rosaries

-Holy Water


Hard Drives:

-1 WD My Passport 500gb Hard Drive

-1 Silicon Power Impact proof 1TB Hard Drive


-2 Black & Decker LED flashlights

-3 other LED Flashlights

-2 LED Head Lamps


-1 Pair Scull Candy High Def Stereo Noise reduction Head phones.

-1 Pair Sony Stereo Headphones.

Digital Cameras:

-1 Nikon Coolpix L-830 16MP 1080p/60i HD Camera

-1 Kodak Easy Share 14MP Camera


-Toshiba Satellite: Intel Core I3, 6GB Processor, 750GB Hard Drive, with all of the software we use for Audio, video, and photographic evidence review.

                -Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate

                -Arc Soft Media Impressions

                -Audacity Audio review software

                -Sony Picture Motion Browser


-2 60inch Heavy duty tripods

-3 50inch mini portable tripods

Equipment Storage:

-2 Pelican cases (1400, & 1450)

-1 Medium size Metal Camera storage case

-1 Water proof storage bag

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