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Static Energy Pod


Designed, Built and Programmed by TCPRI Director Cory Miller: 

The TCPRI Static Energy Pod is calibrated for Paranormal Investigation in Mind to avoid picking up on weaker static energy. With 10 bright, 5mm LED's to display your reading. 4 green LED's(Each LED will either turn off, flicker or dim when receiving spikes.), 3 Yellow LED's(Medium range of Readings) and 3 Red LED's(Higher end of the reading output scale, when these lights are dimming or flickering there is a powerful static charge interacting with the device).You can also use the GREEN & RED LED’s as a "Yes(Green) & No(Red)" to answer your questions to help Validate your findings(TCPRI CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS...SEEING AS PARANORMAL ACTIVITY IS VERY UNPREDICTABLE).

There is also a Built-in 9 Volt battery compartment, no more attached battery compartment with wires hanging out like many other builders have on their equipment.

The TCPRI Static Energy Pod uses a 7in telescoping antenna to gather its readings, just be sure the antenna is fully extended for the best readings. The antenna sends its reading to the programmed CPU Micro Processor and in return the CPU sends the signal to the LED's either dimming, flickering, or completely shutting them off in sequence correlating to the strength of the Static charge.

1. **1 Year Warranty through TCPRI** (Buyer pays shipping to TCPRI & we will pay to ship it Back, Please Email for more information on Repairs if needed.)

2. **As long Warranty Stickers are still in place! & No tampering is present Repair is FREE*

3. **Please Note: Energizer or Duracell Batteries are recommended for Optimum Performance.**

More Photos here-> albumid=14178635

Video of the Static Pod in action on an Investigation in Chisago, MN:

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