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New TCPRI Hand Made Paranormal Investigation Equipment

Posted by Cory Miller TCPRI Director & Founder on February 16, 2013 at 1:25 AM
TCPRI Guys Custom Designed Paranormal Equipment:
Generation 2 EMF Pumps, Generation 1 Geo-Phones, &
New Prototype Static Energy Pods!


I haven't been keeping up to date with Blogs lately sorry! So I thought I would just fill all our Members & Followers in on some Newly Designed Equipment and a New Prototype EM Pod I have been pondering for the last several weeks. If you follow us on Twitter you have probably seen me Tweet about this a few times over the last 2 weeks. So here is a little taste of what we have in the works for all you in need of Great New Equipment for your paranormal Group, Team or just for the Paranormal Enthusiast looking for affordable equipment... 

Generation 2 EMF Pump:

I finished up the Blue Prints to our Generation 2 EMF Pumps a few nights ago. We will be incorporating the Battery compartment Directly into the Project box itself, rather than having Wires running out to a 9 V Battery connector like I have seen on other Popular Designs. We have changed up the Magnets as well to a more powerful Rectangular magnet (I'm not gonna give EVERYTHING AWAY about the Specs. sorry). Also thanks to Scotts design for mounting our motors to the inside Project box, they will be Extremely Quiet and will not interfere with EVP Sessions, or any other recordings. If you have seen our Generation 1 Prototypes-> we will also be moving the opening for the Magnet & Motor combination to the center of the front cover, and be protecting the Magnet with PC Fan Covers. We will also have additional options like: Lighted Switches(Blue, Red or Green) or regular No Light Switches(Better & Longer battery life!), Later down the road we will also offer customizable Vents & Covers to protect the Magnet and give it a look that will stand out from the rest! Another great thing we will be doing is putting a Tripod mount on the box, and with your purchase include a Small Table top Tripod!!!

The exact dimensions of the EMF pump (Outside) are 6inches x 3inches x 2.5inches.

Generation 1 Geo-Phone:

Description Coming Soon!

Static Energy Pod Prototype:

Designed, Built and Programmed by TCPRI Director Cory Miller:

The Pod is Calibrated for Paranormal Investigation in Mind to avoid picking up on most weaker static energy. With 10 bright, 3mm LED's to display your reading. 1 Bright Blue LED(Easily grabs your attention when Initially interacting with any type of static energy), 5 green LED's(Each LED will either turn off, flicker of dim when receiving spikes.) and 4 Red LED's(Higher end of the reading output scale, when these lights are dimming or flickering there is a powerful static charge interacting with the device). There is also a Built-in 9 Volt battery compartment now, no more attached battery compartment with wires hanging out! Also after hearing a little bit of feed back from some of you on Twitter, I switched back to the smaller flat Power Switches for this Design.

The TCPRI Static Energy Pod uses a 7in telescoping antenna to gather its readings, just be sure the antenna is fully extended for the best readings. The antenna sends its reading to the programmed CPU Micro Processor and in return the CPU sends the signal to the LED's either dimming, flickering, or completely shutting them off in sequence correlating to the strength of the Static charge. 
Blue LED       = Minimal Static energy detected: Easiest level for Static build up/energy to manipulate.
Green LED's = First 3 Green LED's-Mild Static Interaction; Last 2 green LED's-Moderately Strong Static Interaction (There is a strong possibility a Spirit could be interacting with the device if these last 2 green LED's are being manipulated)

Red LED's     = First 2 Red LED's-Strong Static energy detected; Last 2 LED's Extreme Static Energy detected or interacting with the device (This is the strongest stage of the lighted display, if these lights are being manipulated there is Very Strong Static Energy present the device is interacting with)  


Photo's of the first prototype can be seen here-> 

Testing Soon! I will try to get a video description with beta testing posted to YouTube as soon as the testing is complete.

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