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Special BBQ & Ghost Hunt Event 9/19/2014

Posted by Cory Miller TCPRI Director & Founder on July 22, 2014 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (1055)

The Banfill-Locke Art Center
Twin Cities Paranormal Research & Investigation

Welcome you to join us on September 19th, 2014 from 7pm until 3am

for a private BBQ and Ghost Hunt event. The TCPRI team will be hosting

a 10 person Private Investigation of the 166yr old Historic Building, and

will also be sharing Evidence of Paranormal Activity from previous

investigations. There is limited space available, we only have room for

10 people(18+ unless with a parent/guardian) tickets are 50$ with

the proceeds going back to the Art Center. Paranormal investigation

equipment will be provided, but feel free to bring gear of your own!

Hope to see you there!


Questions about purchasing tickets can be addressed to:

BLCA Executive Director Bethany Whitehead

at 763.574.1850 or [email protected]


Or TCPRI Founder:

Cory Miller if you have any

questions regarding the Ghost Hunt Event

[email protected]

For more information about the Event & for Ticket information please visit the link below:

Evenings Itinerary


Doors open & the grill starts cooking! Burgers & Brats(Please let us know if you need/want meatless products) Please be checked in by 7:30pm.


We will be eating & talking with the guests about TCPRI’s previous investigations as well as going over some of our best evidence of paranormal activity captured at the Banfill Tavern.


At this time we will begin setting up and familiarizing you with the Paranormal Investigation Equipment we will be using throughout the night. We will also be discussing the Investigation process for the night until the sun sets, suggestions will be welcomed. REMINDER: There will be NO provocation of the spirits in the building; these are peaceful spirits that just may give you intelligent interactions without provoking.


We will begin the nights investigation moving throughout the building first as a whole to get a feel for the environment of the place at night. After moving throughout the entire building, pinpointing the more active areas & trying to establish contact, we will put the gear in your hands(Everyone will get a chance to use equipment) and let you all Investigate in groups while we assist each group with SB-7 Spirit Box & Evp sessions.


Time to wrap up, Equipment Inventory/Clean-up. We will also discuss where and when you can see any Evidence of Paranormal Activity we may have caught. The TCPRI team will go through the footage, debunk and compile any evidence found into a Video for our YouTube channel.



New TCPRI Hand Made Paranormal Investigation Equipment

Posted by Cory Miller TCPRI Director & Founder on February 16, 2013 at 1:25 AM Comments comments (4)
TCPRI Guys Custom Designed Paranormal Equipment:
Generation 2 EMF Pumps, Generation 1 Geo-Phones, &
New Prototype Static Energy Pods!


I haven't been keeping up to date with Blogs lately sorry! So I thought I would just fill all our Members & Followers in on some Newly Designed Equipment and a New Prototype EM Pod I have been pondering for the last several weeks. If you follow us on Twitter you have probably seen me Tweet about this a few times over the last 2 weeks. So here is a little taste of what we have in the works for all you in need of Great New Equipment for your paranormal Group, Team or just for the Paranormal Enthusiast looking for affordable equipment... 

Generation 2 EMF Pump:

I finished up the Blue Prints to our Generation 2 EMF Pumps a few nights ago. We will be incorporating the Battery compartment Directly into the Project box itself, rather than having Wires running out to a 9 V Battery connector like I have seen on other Popular Designs. We have changed up the Magnets as well to a more powerful Rectangular magnet (I'm not gonna give EVERYTHING AWAY about the Specs. sorry). Also thanks to Scotts design for mounting our motors to the inside Project box, they will be Extremely Quiet and will not interfere with EVP Sessions, or any other recordings. If you have seen our Generation 1 Prototypes-> we will also be moving the opening for the Magnet & Motor combination to the center of the front cover, and be protecting the Magnet with PC Fan Covers. We will also have additional options like: Lighted Switches(Blue, Red or Green) or regular No Light Switches(Better & Longer battery life!), Later down the road we will also offer customizable Vents & Covers to protect the Magnet and give it a look that will stand out from the rest! Another great thing we will be doing is putting a Tripod mount on the box, and with your purchase include a Small Table top Tripod!!!

The exact dimensions of the EMF pump (Outside) are 6inches x 3inches x 2.5inches.

Generation 1 Geo-Phone:

Description Coming Soon!

Static Energy Pod Prototype:

Designed, Built and Programmed by TCPRI Director Cory Miller:

The Pod is Calibrated for Paranormal Investigation in Mind to avoid picking up on most weaker static energy. With 10 bright, 3mm LED's to display your reading. 1 Bright Blue LED(Easily grabs your attention when Initially interacting with any type of static energy), 5 green LED's(Each LED will either turn off, flicker of dim when receiving spikes.) and 4 Red LED's(Higher end of the reading output scale, when these lights are dimming or flickering there is a powerful static charge interacting with the device). There is also a Built-in 9 Volt battery compartment now, no more attached battery compartment with wires hanging out! Also after hearing a little bit of feed back from some of you on Twitter, I switched back to the smaller flat Power Switches for this Design.

The TCPRI Static Energy Pod uses a 7in telescoping antenna to gather its readings, just be sure the antenna is fully extended for the best readings. The antenna sends its reading to the programmed CPU Micro Processor and in return the CPU sends the signal to the LED's either dimming, flickering, or completely shutting them off in sequence correlating to the strength of the Static charge. 
Blue LED       = Minimal Static energy detected: Easiest level for Static build up/energy to manipulate.
Green LED's = First 3 Green LED's-Mild Static Interaction; Last 2 green LED's-Moderately Strong Static Interaction (There is a strong possibility a Spirit could be interacting with the device if these last 2 green LED's are being manipulated)

Red LED's     = First 2 Red LED's-Strong Static energy detected; Last 2 LED's Extreme Static Energy detected or interacting with the device (This is the strongest stage of the lighted display, if these lights are being manipulated there is Very Strong Static Energy present the device is interacting with)  


Photo's of the first prototype can be seen here-> 

Testing Soon! I will try to get a video description with beta testing posted to YouTube as soon as the testing is complete.


Posted by Cory Miller TCPRI Director & Founder on October 16, 2012 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (9)

Well yesterday was a complete failure, and a waste of time. Grey Cloud Island is a VERY mysterious place..We feel like they are seriously hiding some kind of 'dark' secret. GCI may not be associated with the KKK, but more than likely the Free Mason's! When we were entering the township, we drove by this Masonic looking 'church' (it had a giant Free Mason symbol on the outside.) The whole island is shrouded with tree's, it feels rather gloomy there, and people LOVE their privacy there (practically everyone there had a sign on their property saying 'Do Not enter, no trespassing, private property.') The weirdest thing of all is when we went down the dirt road towards the cemetery, they had a camera posted out on a light pole that was pointed towards the dirt road/cemetery entrance. We can respect their wishes for the dead, but if they didn't want to 'add fuel to the fire'..they should've just told us 'No' in the email. Rather than having us drive an hour to hear them say 'no thanks', and tell us how its disrespecting the dead if we were to do an actual Investigation. It's basically pointless trying to investigate this place, the towns people appear to be on top of anyone who comes through their 'quiet little town'. TCPRI does not condone investigating here...the towns people will know if a car there doesn't belong to someone living in the town, and they seem like they will easily call the authorities.

Thanks For Reading you Know we appreciate all of our followers!


TCPRI Directors Investigation Blog 1-2

Posted by Cory Miller TCPRI Director & Founder on July 8, 2012 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (2)

TCPRI Directors Investigation Blog #1-2

Follow Up Residential Investigation

St. Paul, MN

Date of Investigation: 6/16/2012

Investigators: Director- Cory Miller

Tech/Lead- Scott Roshen

Follow Up Investigation Briefing:

Upon review of the evidence from our initial investigation, we decided that a follow up investigation was needed, to help us determine just what type of haunting this was we were dealing with. Just to recap our findings from our last time in the house; we found 2 EVP’s in the 8 year old son’s room, a mysterious light anomaly flying through the frame and disappearing into the darkness, a few more orb like anomalies moving in the bathroom, and a great photo of an orb flying through the frame in the master bedroom. We made sure to focus our attention and our equipment to the youngest son’s room, the master bedroom, bathroom and most of all, the basement.

After our initial investigation I had instructed the client to burn sage in all of their living areas as well as, try and lay down some ground rules with this/these spirits. I also told her to make sure to be demanding yet try and maintain a level of respect with the spirits. Upon entering for our follow up investigation we got less of a sense of fear of these spirits and more of a sense of wanting to know what is in their house. That’s why we made sure to do whatever we could to get a response out of this activity, to help us determine what type of haunting this could be. We had decided to start off with the basement since we did not focus a lot of our time down there last time around.

Basement Rundown 1:

We began in the basement with setting up all 3 of our IR night vision cameras on tri-pods so we could get a good view of the entire basement. Also we made sure to set up a few IR motion detectors, along with 2 EMF detectors that illuminate and alarm when in the presence of Electro Magnetic Energy, the Energy that spirits are said to give off. Then we had decided to pull up a few chairs and began to try to establish communication with this/these spirits by means of EVP session. Both Scott and I were taking pictures while we were asking questions, Scott with our Standard Kodak Easy Share, and me with our IR still camera. During our first 25 min. EVP session, I had asked for the Spirit/s to throw something at one of us, and almost right after I had asked we began hearing what sounded like little rocks hitting the floor around where I was sitting. It was right around this time Scott noticed that his camcorder was shut off, he then turned it back on and noticed the battery was still completely charged. Just to note this is a very high end Sony Handy Cam with a built in 60gb HD this is not the type of camera to just turn off like that, more to come about our Cameras malfunctioning shortly. Scott had also been capturing a lot of white orbs in the pictures he was taking every time we heard these rocks being thrown, coincidence or paranormal? I then decided to switch the IR still camera I was using to record and moved over by the graffiti where we were thinking the rocks could have come from. I had moved from the “Anarchy” Symbol painted on the north wall of the basement to the “666” painted on the west wall of the basement. I had asked “what do you want to do to me,” and a male spirit responded with, “I want to hurt you”. After listening to our recorders and going over the footage, both the camera I was holding and our digital recorder placed on the ground between Scott’s chair and my chair picked up this class A EVP. Upon further review of the footage, right after we caught this EVP we found an un-explainable white anomaly moving through the bottom left hand corner of the frame in the camera I was holding. It was about 5 or 6 minutes after that, we received the first piece of evidence that made us believe we were in the presence of a spirit. It was caught while I was standing in front of the “666” painted on the wall and panning around the room one last time before sitting back down. You will see Scott sitting back down in his chair, and almost right after he exits the frame there is a very clear Orb that appears and flies right up out of a mattress that is lying up against a pillar. The orb then flies right up and towards me, almost immediately after it flew towards me I got a very cold chill and goose bumps. Please take note it was 80 degrees and very humid the day we were doing our investigation, and there was no AC on in the house either, the coolest reading we got the hole night was 78.5 degrees.

After we caught this possible “Orb” we decided to sit back down and use our SB-7 Spirit Box. This device is used to rapidly scan through radio frequencies (In Reverse, it will only stay on one channel for a quarter of a second) to generate a constant white noise for us to communicate with spirits in real time. We sat asking questions for around 25 minutes without a single intelligent response, until Scott asked, “Do you remember us from last time at all?” then a male spirit responded, “Yes”. When we sat down and listened to the recording we noticed this one response came through three different radio stations. The footage we have posted of this response was taken from another IR Mini DV Camcorder we had place on a tri-pod behind Scott pointed in my direction. We had noticed while sweeping the basement for any out of place EMF spikes that this very camera was turned off, and the IR light was completely drained. I myself charged all of the batteries for this camera before our investigation so I know it was fully charged. When we tried to turn the camera back on it just shut right back off, so I switched out the battery and turned the camera back on, that’s when I noticed the IR light was dead as well. Once we returned home after our investigation I made sure to go over this footage first to see just what if anything Paranormal may have caused this camera to turn off. The first thing I noticed was the IR light had drained in the first 5 minutes of our recording, and the second thing was almost right after we received the Spirit Box response is when the cameras batteries drained.

This is now the second time of the night we have had equipment malfunctions. It started with Scotts Camera turning off, and then Our Static IR cameras battery and light were drained! With all of our responses I am almost ready to call these incidents paranormal as well. A few more things I did not mention we found during our first trip into the basement of the night. The first of which is an EVP we caught during the first 5 minutes of our investigation, this EVP starts off with me announcing our investigation with, “Rolling Tammy’s house all night investigation”, then a male spirit says either, “let’s go off” or “Lights go off”, as soon as I finished with saying, “EVP Session” another very odd sounding voice says, “Enter”.

We then decided to head for the upstairs; we left an IR Camera, IR Motion Detector, EMF Detector and a digital recorder down in the basement recording. We switched our attention to the Master Bedroom.

Master Bedroom:

After we finished our 45 minute to an hour investigation of the basement we moved upstairs into the master bedroom. We began by setting up our 3 remaining IR cameras to try and get a view of the door that we had open up on its own from every possible angle. I then placed our MEL-Meter, Digital recorder on the bed and then set an IR motion detector on a dresser close to the door. Once again we started off with asking questions and snapping as many pictures as possible while trying to re-establish contact with the spirit that opened the door last time we were here. For about 25 minutes we tried getting any type of response through our digital recorder, we were even asking for this spirit to open the door for us again. With no responses we then tried to communicate with our Sb-7 Spirit Box again, and with no intelligent responses in 20 minutes we decided to sweep the room for an object that could be giving off an out of place EM Field. I did not receive any out of the ordinary spikes, so I took another EMF detector and placed it on the dresser at the foot of the bed to try one last time to get any sort of response or evidence we could. We did not get the same feelings upstairs as we did in our last investigation; we failed to catch any EVPs or video evidence in the master bedroom this time around.

Upon reviewing the pictures off of our Kodak Easy share camera we did happen to notice an orb in one of the pictures. I am not going to call this orb paranormal, there are mirrored closet doors so it could have very easily been the cameras flash reflecting back at the lens. I also would like to note that we tried everything we could to get the door to open back up on its own (non-paranormal wise) I pulled as hard as I could on the door without breaking the nob, we tried to jiggle the handle around, I even began jumping around the base of the door to see if the door could have just been loose and open on its own; with no luck at all.

5 Minute Break:

I would like to point out one quick thing before we move on to the son’s room. We decided to head outside and take a quick 5 minute break to discuss something’s and have a smoke. But before we did that I wanted to go down stairs and check on the IR camera we had left rolling down there. When we went down there I noticed the LCD screen was off but all of the lights were still lit up, and the record light was still blinking. The LCD screen is not supposed to turn off on this camera and I made sure to check that the auto power off was not turned on, it was not. I also noticed that the Phantom IR Pro light we were using with this camera was dead as well. We switched out the batteries quick and tried to review the footage of right before the camera shut off, but the entire file was corrupt and we are still unable to view this footage; Paranormal? This is the third time of the night our equipment has malfunctioned and another one of our camera has been drained. After all of that we took our 5 minute break and decided to head to the Son’s room.

8 Year Old Son’s Room:

Once we finished our “Un-Union” 5 minute break, we then moved on to the son’s room. This is the room of the house we captured both of our great EVP’s from our preliminary investigation. If you have not heard them (they are posted on our home page in the Featured EVP’s section) the first of the 2 was me asking, “Do you only like to scare that little boy at night?” and a male spirit responded “No”, the second was Scott asking “How old do you happen to be?” and the same spirit responded with “six”.

We began our second investigation of the child’s room by 2 IR cameras, an IR motion detector in the closet (well out of its range so it wouldn’t pick us up), a digital recorder, and an EMF detector on the bed. We then started rolling on our recorders/cameras; I sat up on the child’s bed to see if I couldn’t get some sort of a response while Scott was standing right in front of the door. I have to note the severely high EMF all around the child’s bed, and the fact that it was around 81 degrees in the room. We sat swimming in sweat in the room for close to 30 minutes and we failed to catch any sort of visual evidence. After reviewing our camera footage and our digital recorders, we received no evidence out of the son’s room this time around. We then decided to return down to the basement, being that it was the most active portion of the house at the time. We left an IR camera, motion detector, EMF detector, and a digital recorder rolling in the room, then headed back for the basement.


Blog #1-1 St. Paul, MN Preliminary Residential Investigation

Posted by Cory Miller TCPRI Director & Founder on May 27, 2012 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (82)

TCPRI Directors Investigation Blog # 1-1

Preliminary Residential Investigation

St. Paul, Minnesota

Date of investigation: 4/28/2012

Investigators: Director/Lead Investigator-Cory Miller

Assistant Investigator/Tech-Scott Roschen

Investigation Request:

When we first received this clients request for assistance she informed us that her and her family have been experiencing things that they cannot explain in their home. Her oldest daughter (16) has had her lights in her room turn off on their own while the switch was still in the “ON” position. Also the Clients youngest son (8) has refused to sleep in his room, he has been claiming to see the spirit of an old man, as well as hearing a young boy speaking to him at night. He has gotten up screaming in the middle of the night afraid of what was in his closet. The Client has also told us that she has seen a change in her son’s behavior since the activity started, almost like he has not been himself, acting out in school, and causing problems at home. She has also stated the over whelming feeling of being watched in her own bedroom, as well as the cabinet doors in the bathroom randomly opening and closing. Also the clients boyfriend, a full grown man in his 30’s will not step foot in the Basement, there has been a lot activity down there, the dryer door opened and slammed shut in front the client.

Initial Contact:

Speaking to the Client she had informed us that she and her family have been living with this activity for the last 15 years. She is a firm believer in the Paranormal and said they have learned to live around where this activity has been happening. This client was one of the nicest people I have had the fortune of helping, I know as a paranormal investigator we have to maintain a professional attitude and look at every possible explanation for the activity. So during our initial walk through I made sure to try and get a good feel for just how everyone in the family has been reacting to not only the activity but my team being there as well. Let me just say in no way did we ever get the feeling that this family was 1)making it all up 2)trying to hoax us or 3)not in the right state of mind. This Client and her family are as down to earth as you can be.

After walking throughout the house she informed us of a former resident of the house that stopped by one day and was talking to her about the activity in the house, this was when the former resident told her about a friend of the former owner that was murdered down the street while coming to visit. My Team and I could not find any documented deaths with this house. We will still take this into account during our investigation due to the fact she gave the name of the individual that passed.

Now that we had gotten the 411 on everything that has been going on and got a firsthand feel of just how scared her children have been from all of this, we began to sweep the house and begin our Preliminary Investigation.

Preliminary Investigation Rundown:


We began with the basement, let me just start by saying that you can instantly see and feel why the residents will not go down there unless they need to. The basement gave me the feeling that we were not alone; there is an overwhelming feeling of somebody watching you. It just looks like nobody ever goes down there it has huge cob webs everywhere, it is unfinished, and it honestly would have crept me out as well if I were a child living in the house. There is also some graffiti written on the basement wall, it said something like, “little fuck 666”. I asked the client about it and she was a little hesitant but told me her oldest son was the one that sprayed it, and said that he did it sometime ago. She didn’t really give me much to go on, so I will update you after our all night Investigation when we can actually sit down with the son.

Our investigation of the basement kicked off with taking baseline EMF readings as well as temperature. We found high amounts of EMF in the usual places, around all of the appliances, Circuit breakers, as well as all of the wiring running throughout the ceiling. The Temperature was at a steady 62 Degrees, if you don’t know we will always go through the house and take notes of all our baseline readings so we do not make the mistake of thinking that high EMF is a spirit while we are investigating at night.

After all of our baseline readings for the basement were recorded we turned out the lights and began to try and establish communication with the spirits. We started off first with our SB7 Spirit box that rapidly scans radio frequencies to generate a constant white noise for spirits to speak through. Unfortunately we were unable to receive any intelligent responses in the 45min spirit box session. We than began sweeping the basement and rolling on our digital recorders to try and communicate, or get any sort of response. With no solid EVPs or communication through our Spirit Box, we decided to set up an IR camera on a tripod with our Laser grid while we moved to another room.

Upon Review of our Cameras footage we captured a small glowing light anomaly on our Phantom IR camera. It was almost as soon as I started recording, it flies parallel to the ground and disappears in to the darkness. Remember we had all of the lights off and there were only 2 investigators on this case, myself and Scott. The only light in the room was our IR lights on our cameras, we had no idea we had caught this until our evidence review.

8 Year Old Sons Room:

This was the second room that we were focusing on, her son gets so afraid at night he will start screaming in the middle of the night. The Client has explained to us that for the last few months he will only sleep on the couch. He has said he hears the voice of a little boy talking to him at night, and he also said he has seen an apparition of an old man in the room. Also the Client really wanted us to focus on her son’s room; she was beginning to worry about behavioral changes in him. We have yet to actually sit down and speak with him and his mother together I just meet him briefly during our walk through.

We once again began by taking all of our baseline readings. One key thing I have to note quick is the fact that there was a very high EMF reading in this room; my MEL Meter was reading between a 0.5mG-1.2mG (milli-Gauss), in the area all around the child’s bed due to the number of electronics in the room. I have a strong feeling that this may be causing whatever spirits in the house to have enough energy to communicate (More to come on that later!). But now back to the baseline readings, the temperature in the child’s room was at a high 80 degrees.

After we found the high EMF around the bed we began rolling on our digital recorder and asking the spirits questions. We also had 2 IR cameras rolling in the room at the time, I had My IR still camera as well and was taking pictures during our 50min EVP session. We did not get any solid video or photographic evidence out of this room, but upon reviewing our digital recorder we found two solid EVPs! The first was me asking, “Do you only like to scare that little boy at night?” and the Spirit responded with a very clear “NO”, and the second EVP was my assistant investigator Scott asking, “How old do you happen to be?” what sound like the same spirit responds instantly with “six”. These are to solid EVPs and if you wish to hear them they will be featured on our homepage.

I am not big on body feelings unless something is going to hit me or scratch me, but in this room I had many unexplainable chills and goose bumps hit me. If you forgot it was 80 Degrees in this room, and there are NO windows. This is one of those times I am taking my body feelings into account!


The bathroom is where our client has reportedly seen cabinet doors open and slam shut on their own. She was not all that concerned about the activity in the bathroom because it does not happen very often, but we thought we would check it out any way.

Like every room we started with our baseline readings. Our MEL meter used for detecting EMF fields as well as Temperature gave us a steady reading of 0.3mG and a temp of 71 degrees. We then proceeded to roll on our digital recorder and once again tried to communicate. We began asking questions and taking pictures as usual, but I decided to start rolling on an IR camera to set it up on a tri-pod when I caught a white orb fly through the frame of the video. When I panned over to try and catch it again it flies slower and more clearly up from the bottom of the screen out the upper right corner of the frame. We could not debunk this there were no bugs of any sort in the room and no dust at all. The clip is posted and slowed down on our homepage, have a look for yourself and tell me what you think!

After review of our Digital Recorder and our digital camera we got no other good evidence. But hey this house has been giving us enough so we can’t be too disappointed!

Daughter’s (16) Room:

This is the room that our Client’s Daughter experienced her lights turning off on their own. The Client told me that her daughter was sitting in her room listening to an Ipod doing something for school when her lights shut off and the switch was still on, and the circuit breaker was not tripped. We were told by her mother that she ran out of the room screaming and she had never seen her daughter so scared. But when we asked the daughter she left that part out, she was a little hesitant to talk about it so we could clearly tell it was bothering her.

We first began with the light fixture, and the switch itself. I myself took the glass off of the fixture to see nothing but a brand new light fixture with 4 new looking compact florescent light bulbs. We then took the cover off of the light switch to make sure that none of the wires were loose, which they were not. Upon looking at everything we can honestly say that the lights were in perfect working order.

After we inspected the light fixture, we began taking baseline readings. There was virtually no EMF in this room, the highest spike we received was a 0.2mG around her computer desk. And the temperature was a constant 71 degrees. We once again began an EVP session with our digital recorders, and set up our IR camera to focus on the entire room. While conducting our EVP session I was once again snapping as many pictures as I could while we were asking questions. We were trying to get the spirit to either turn the lights on or make our EMF detector we had placed on the bed alarm but with no responses.

Upon reviewing all of our footage, digital recordings, and pictures we failed at documenting anything paranormal this time around. We have made it priority to have her room rigged with enough equipment next time we are bound to catch something in there. So stay tuned for our follow up all night investigation for new findings.

Clients Master Bedroom:

In this room we had our Best experience of the night! More to come on that in a minute I just had to get your attention again! The client has told us she wakes up in the middle of the night with the overwhelming feeling of being watched. She said she has seen a figure in the mirror of that same old man her son has, turned around to see nothing there. She herself does not seem at all afraid of these spirits.

We once again began with taking our baseline readings, and we registered really normal 0.1mG-0.3mG of EMF in this room. With a recorded temperature of 70.5 degrees which basically matches the readings for all or the upstairs rooms. Again with our baseline readings noted we rolled on our digital recorders and began another EVP session. Scott was filming with his Sony Handycam while I was taking pictures with my IR still camera. We were again constantly asking questions to get any kind of response, while I was asking a question I snapped a picture of what looks like a white orb like shape flying through the frame, and the great thing is I took a picture right afterwards with nothing in the frame. After about half an hour, I was in the process of taking a video clip with my still camera and we decided to wrap up for the night with no other responses. We are still mad about this! But as soon as I as had stopped recording and walked by the door that I clicked shut; it clicked and slowly opened on its own. It happened right outside of Scott’s camera angle, but if I had been recording for 30 seconds longer we would have caught it on my camera. Then another great thing we did manage to get from the door opening as a great Digital Recording of the entire process, you will hear the door click and then slowly squeak open than you get our reactions to it, after it sunk in we tried closing the door and just pulling it open but it wasn’t happening. This Digital Recording will be on our homepage soon, so check it out for yourself.

After we reviewed all of the footage for the master bedroom we only came across the one picture and the Digital Recording of the door opening. But let me tell you just being in the same room when something you cannot explain happens there is no other feeling in the world like it. When that door opened it sent a chill down my spine, and like I said before I am not big on using my body feelings as evidence. That door opening also helped turn my skeptical assistant investigator Scott into a believer! We plan on having this room absolutely covered next time as well so please stay tuned for our follow up all night investigation.

My Final Thoughts:

Just after hearing all of the activity in this house I knew it was going to be a great investigation. Then after actually doing some research and finding the house was built in 1888, and seeing some of the activity first hand, I now know what these people have to live with on a daily basis. I feel for everything that her family is going through, and my team and I are going to do everything we can for them and continue to look for answers. I know firsthand about being a child tormented by spirits in the place you’re supposed to be the safest. That is why I began this group to search for answers to why these spirits that are not at rest continuously disturb he living…But that is a whole other blog for a whole different subject to come…

My team and I are going back to this great house next week we are going to have the entire house to ourselves, and have a few other pieces of equipment that we did not have the chance to use. I will try and have a new blog up with all of the details for you as soon as I can so stay tuned. I plan on utilizing our SB-7 Spirit box a lot more in hopes of getting instant responses.

Thank you all for reading and please let me know what you all think about my first Blog! I always love to hear input from others! Keep checking back to our homepage for new updates!

Thank you all again,

Cory Miller

TCPRI Director