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About The Group:

TCPRI's a Team of Paranormal Researchers looking to help those plagued by paranormal activity. As well as Investigate and document claims of the Paranormal at some of Minnesota's most historic locations. If you, your family, or your place of business are experiencing things that you cannot explain, TCPRI is here to help! We use some of the best in paranormal investigation equipment, and all of our services are FREE of charge!  (TCPRI is a non-profit Paranormal Research Organization, we accept donations for travel expenses and to help better our equipment)

All of our clients needs come first, we will only use the evidence we capture on our websites with a signed release. We never disclose our clients name or exact location! So please, if anything out of the ordinary becomes a bit too not hesitate to contact us! We take all of our clients seriously and guarantee discretion!

Scheduling an Investigation:

Do you find yourself at home asking "What was That?", or do you feel uncomfortable in your own home? You do not need to worry, to set up an investigation all you need to do is send us an email or filling out our assistance request form (all of our contact information is listed in the About Us section.) We will need a detailed explanation of what you have been experiencing and for how long it has been going on, as well as how long you and your family have been residing in the home. Our team will then begin researching the property, we may ask A LOT of questions but it's so we can get a better understanding of your experiences. Our team will do our best to find any documented deaths, or any validating Historical Information that may be relevant to the activity at your property. When we have devised our plan and done our research, we will plan a day to come out, meet with you and begin our preliminary investigation.

Our Preliminary investigation usually consists of taking baseline measurements of your homes EMF (Electromagnetic field), temp, barometer readings, and equipment set up before the sun goes down. After dark we will begin attempting to establish contact through EVP(Electronic Voice Phenomenon), spirit box(A devise that rapidly scans radio frequencies to generate a constant White-Noise spirits can speak to us through), as well as using our different types of electromagnetic & Static field detectors(as shown on our 'Team & Gear' Page). While all of this is going on we will have multiple Night Vision cameras, motion detectors, and digital recorders throughout your home to catch anything we may miss. The lead investigator will also have an Inferred Still Camera and normally will take hundreds of pictures while we are moving through the house. After wrapping our preliminary investigation we will go over all of our footage, pictures and recordings in the next few days so we can report our findings/evidence back to you.

We will then discuss whether or not an all night investigation is needed, and if you wish to have the spirits removed Via Cleansing, House blessing, or a Smudging Ritual.

Investigations & Updates:

 4/28/2012- St. Paul, MN- Preliminary Residential Investigation

 6/16/2012-St. Paul, MN- Follow Up Residential Investigation

 7/15/2012-Preliminary Investigation- Plymouth, MN Residential Investigation

 7/17/2012-Preliminary Investigation-  Banfill-Locke Art Center, Fridley, MN:

Link to the History of the John Banfill Wayside Inn, or now known as The Banfill-Locke Center for The Arts:

7/20/2012- Follow Up Investigation- Plymouth, MN Residential Investigation

7/28/2012-Night Time Investigation- Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts-Fridley MN: We will have A lot more to come on this Historic Building and our Investigation as it continues to un-fold!

10/08/2012- TownHall Meeting at Grey Cloud Island Township- TCPRI Was at the Grey Cloud Island Town Hall, to try and get  the OK for the First EVER authorized Night time Investigation at Grey Cloud Cemetery. We were planning on putting a few of the Rumors and Stories we have heard to rest. Please Read our "Updates from the TCPRI Crew" under our News Page for more information.

10/20/2012- Banfill-Locke Center For the Arts: Return Investigation with new equipment to try and document more of this Haunting. Please stay tuned to our Youtube for our FIRST TCPRI Web-series. Coming to Youtube channel near you! 

11/09/2012-11/10/2012 Lake City, MN-  Residential Investigation: Historic 1890's House that has had Claims of Paranormal Activity From Past and Current Residents, as well as Family Friends. There were also 2 Documented Deaths in this Great old House. Activity Reported: Beds Moving at night, Closet doors Shaking, Doors Opening on there own, Overwhelming Feelings of Being Watched as well. Please Check out the 2nd Episode of Our TCPRI Guys Web series for the Evidence we caught.

02/15/2013 Preliminary Investigation: Chisago, MN- We greatly apologize to our Client for the delay, but even we cannot help Mother Nature's wrath in Minnesota-> Very interesting case involving a Family being oppressed by a Spirit/Spirits. Home was a Former Mortuary when it was Built, We will have more updates as this Investigation continues to Unfold. Lets hope the Snow holds off and the weather lets this investigation happen!

03/16/2013-Follow-Up Night Time Investigation & Cleansing: Chisago, MN- Return Investigation, we found enough evidence in the Preliminary Investigation to warrant a return to document more of the activity and Cleanse the home for the Family.

08/03/2013-4th Investigation of the Historic Banfill-Locke Art Center: Fridley, MN- TCPRI is headed back to this 166 year old Minnesota Landmark to document more of this Great Intelligent haunting. As well as further test our TCPRI Innovations Paranormal Equipment, especially our Static Energy Pod! Never before seen Evidence video from our previous investigations will be on our YouTube Channel the week of 7/22!

11/17/2013 - 11/18/2013: Banfill-Locke Art Center All Night Investigation: Fridley,MN-  We been waiting since August for the opportunity to Investigate this 166 year old Historic Site...All Night! Better yet, there will be a full Moon that night as well. Lets hope the full moon will help us document more of this great haunt, and the spirits that still reside there. We will also be testing a new prototype of our latest piece of Paranormal Equipment, the Electromagnetic Interference Detector. We'll try to do some live tweeting and possibly even a live Web Cam while Investigating so stay tuned for updates!

3/7/2014: Residential Investigation- St.Paul MN- Clients wished to not release any Information other than city and state of investigation location.

4/18/2014: Preliminary Investigation/Client Interview- White Bear Lake, MN

9/08/2014: Free event at The Banfill-Locke House- Fridley, MN 7-9pm- Free Event on the History of the 167 yr old Historic site, Showing of some of TCPRI's most memorable evidence captured in the building and a sneak peak of our Full Moon Investigation Documentary.

9/19/2014-9/20/2014: BBQ & Ghost Hunt at The Banfill-Locke House- Fridley, MN 7pm-3am- 10 person paid(50$) ghost hunt event with the TCPRI team. Come spend the night with us and investigate the paranormal claims and experience the Building in a new way...with the lights out. For more information->

This Event has SOLD-Out Please Email [email protected] to get on the waiting list for TCPRI's next possible Ghost Hunt!

11/12/2014-11/13/2014: Villisca, Iowa,-Villisca Ax Murder House Investigation With Paladin Academy(Delayed 2 weeks).

02/18/2015: St. Paul, MN- The Historic Mounds Theatre: This will be TCPRI's first investigation of St. Paul's Historic Theatre, Built in 1922. We'll be making a video for the theatre to show documenting our experiences, & sharing other MN Paranormal teams experiences. More Information to come!

03/06/2015: Minneapolis, MN- Residential Home investigation

07/31/2015-08/01/2015: Duluth, MN- We make our first ever visit to Duluth Minnesota's Haunted Ship...The USS William A Irvin! We are spending the night in the ship on a Full Moon to see if we can document some of the paranormal claims for ourselves.  

TCPRI in The Local News:

Featured Findings:

Due to Data Limits on our WebPage, we have put  a complete list of all of our Video Evidence on our Youtube channel! Go to the Link below and Stay Tuned for any updates:

Featured EVP's:

Here is an EVP that came from our first walk through and tour of The Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts. We were told that people have been hearing sounds of a little boy playing with marbles on the stairs, and this EVP Was caught while we were sweeping the upstairs for EMF. In this recording we caught what sounds like a little boy saying either, "not gona take this" or "Im gona take this"(As in the Mel Meter I was holding) Give it a listen and tell us what you think.

Not gona take this 2 MP3



This next EVP is a Possible Demonic Voice Saying, "I Want to Hurt You" Caught in St. Paul MN on a Residential investigation



These two EVPs featured come from our Preliminary investigation in St. Paul, MN. We captured these in the Clients Youngest sons bedroom, which he refuses to sleep in. Please note that this same spirit responds to 2 different investigators with intelligent responses. Give them a listen and tell us what you think.


Haunted Locations in Minnesota:

If you would like to see a complete list of the 'documented' hauntings in our Great Land of 10,000 Lakes, please visit The Shadowlands Website listed below. Please Note: Many of these locations are private places of business, so please DO NOT TRESSPASS or try and investigate with out the land owners consent!


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